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To sell quickly, your property needs to get noticed and stand out from the crowd.  Did you know it takes just 10 seconds for a viewer to decide whether or not they like your home?

Creating a great first impression is crucial to get potential buyers interested in your home - many prospective buyers or renters make up their minds about a property even before they walk through the door. Home Staging London specialises in affordable home staging and property styling to create a fresh, clean, clutter-free look for your home. 


Did you know nine out of ten homebuyers in London start their property search on the internet?


Whether in photographs, online or a during a viewing, a well-presented property will attract greater interest and ultimately sell faster for more money.  This is especially important in the current market, where buyers feel empowered to reduce the asking price.

Quality images create impact and influence potential buyers or rental clients to make an appoimtment to see your property.  Home Staging London's decluttering services help tidy and depersonalise your property, to increase its overall visual appeal. 


Key items of rental furniture and simple, yet effective additions, such as fresh flowers and strategically-placed accessories, create a welcoming environment that helps prospective buyers imagine how they might feel living in your home.


Removing distracting personal items removes mental barriers and makes it easier for viewers to engage with your space. Neutral colours and stylish furnishings further create universally appealing interiors that attract potential buyers and ultimately increase subsequent offers.

Home Staging London's consultants will highlight the positive aspects of your property and minimise the negatives to help it sell - fast.  They will assess your property, identify its best features, then use their skill, judgement and expertise to determine how to maximise the potential of your space.


Home staging is simple and affordable and costs far less than a first price reduction.  You benefit from a faster sale and a greater chance of achieving the full asking price.

To find out how you can sell your property sooner, 
call Home Staging London now on 07785 922 424.
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